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Sacred Suds

Do you remember. . . .

  • The last time there was a major storm and your power was out for several days?
  • How dirty and self-conscious you felt that first morning as you went to work?
  • How much you would have given for a hot shower after about three days and how you hoped no one was offended to be near you?
  • How the clean clothes began to run out and you had to scramble to find an outfit to wear?
  • How, while the phone was out, it was so frustrating to not be able to communicate with friends or co-workers?
  • How you felt your dignity as a human being was being undermined?

Sacred Suds remembers and it is our dream to serve those members of our community who experience these feelings everyday.

Sacred Suds is a newly rehabbed community center at the southern edge of McLaughlin Neighborhood that offers neighbors beautiful facilities for laundry and showers. Volunteers from area churches bring in hot and cold meals on a daily basis for all neighbors who stop by.

Neighbors also have access to computers, printers, and internet at Sacred’s technology center. During tax season, community volunteers offer free tax preparation services as part of a large community effort to bring back tax credit dollars to working families. Through the efforts of our volunteers, over $1,000,000 is returned to families in the Muskegon area every year.

Hygiene products are available at Sacred’s Hygiene Market for neighbors at low-cost. The shelves of the Hygiene Market are kept full by donations from YOU!

So what?  Why does it matter?  Click here to hear from one of our neighbors:

Contact Travis Dodge, travis@communityencompass.org for more information or call 231-726-4161